The Invitation to the 3rd Regular Online Session

Japan DPO Association

October 15, 2020
Japan DPO Association

Thank you for participating the Session and we hope that you all enjoyed it.

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September 23, 2020

Japan DPO Association



The Invitation to the 3rd Regular Online Session


“DPOs’ expected roles and self-development”


It is our pleasure to invite you to join the above referenced session as an observer for free of charge.


In July 29, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (“METI”) released for a public comment “the Guidebook Ver. 1.0 for Privacy Governance of DX Corporations” which outlines the designation, and authority and responsibility of the newly defined “Privacy Protection Officer” as one of the three major requirements for strengthening the privacy governance of the DX corporations. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan (“MIC”) which governs “Guidelines on Protection of Personal Information in Telecommunication Industry” have long paid attention to the role of DPO. Also, in this spring Mr. Junichi Ishii, Director of Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan (“PPC”) joined and completed the DPO program of the Maastricht University to experience the established methods of the DPOs’ self-development. In this session, the key officials directly involved in such efforts by METI, MIC and PPC will give us the presentations and some insights.


In addition, the directors and advisers of the Association such as Mr. Omer Tene, Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (“IAPP”), a world leading privacy protection advocate will comment on the DPOs’ expected roles and self-development from their own perspectives.


This session is open to everyone who is interested in the activities of the Association.  In particular, we would cordially invite any non-Japanese data protection specialists to this Session so that we can share Japanese data protection specialists’ perspectives with them.


Outline of the Session


October 15, 2020 (Thurs.) 15:00 thru 16:35 JST [Accessible from 14:50]

[US Eastern Time] October 15, 2020 (Thurs.) 2:00am thru 3:35am [Accessible from 1:50am]

[Central European Summer Time] October 15, 2020 (Thurs.) 8:00am thru 9:35am [Accessible from 7:50am]


*Although the Time of this Session might be inconvenient for data protection specialists in the United States and Europe to attend, this Session will be recorded and that recording will be made available to the registrants of this Session for a month after the Session.  Please feel free to register yourself with this Session even if you cannot join it on time so that you can have access to the recording.


Online Session (WebEx Meeting)


1.    Mr. Masao Horibe, Managing Director, the Japan DPO Association,

“Overview of and Expectation to DPO in Japan” (5 minutes)


2.    Mr. Kazuya Dojo, Assistant Director, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, “Privacy Governance Guidebook” (20 minutes)


3.    Mr. Satoshi Imamura, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, “Role of and Expectation to DPO in the Telecommunication Industry” (10 minutes)


4.    Mr. Noriya Ishikawa, Advisor, the Japan DPO Association,

“Regulatory framework of DPO and its relevant enforcement actions” (15 minutes)


5.    Mr. Omer Tene, Senior Executive Advisor, the Japan DPO Association

“CPO/DPO and IAPP Certification” (10 minutes)

*Due to the time difference, a recorded interview will be presented.


6.    Mr. Junichi Ishii, Director, the Japan Personal Information Protection Commission, “Maastricht University’s DPO Certification Course” (15 minutes)


7.    Mr. Takeshi Yanaike, Special Advisor to the Managing Director of the Japan DPO Association, “Rakuten Inc’s Activities on the Privacy Governance” (10 minutes)


8.    Mr. Takeshige Sugimoto, Director, the Japan DPO Association,

Moderator with remarks on the vision of the Association (10 minutes)


Simultaneous English interpretation will be provided.


How to apply for joining the Session


Please kindly send the email with your name, title, organization you belong to and email address which you will have access to the Session, to the Secretariat at the email address below.


Application must be made by October 12 (Monday) 17:00 JST.

URL for the Session will be sent to you around October 13 (Tuesday) JST.





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